r, Gabriella had gotten the sense that the police werenrsquo;t Black Blue Mens Adidas Terrex Boost UK Trail Running On Feet Trainersas dedicated to finding the criminals who had abducted him in the firstplace. Black Red Mens Adidas Terrex Boost Gtx On Feet TrainersStill, they were;requestingrdquo; that Alejandro remain in thecountry. Truthfully, Alejandro had showed no signs of Black White Mens Adidas Terrex Boost Gtx On Feet Trainerswanting to go. Hestayed in his room, resting or watching footballmdash;what the Americanscalled soccer.Alejandro showed almost no signs of memory, except his love of football.He didnrsquo;t seem to remember her, or Papa. In fact, the only reactiontheyrsquo;d gotten out of him beyond a mumbled thank-you when she brought himhis meals was when Papa had announced they would be returning to LasCruces within the week. Only then had Alejandro sparked to life,insisting that he was not going anywhere. Then he had locked himself inhis room.So Rodrigo had set up temporary headquarters in a set of rooms inAlejandrorsquo;s home in Royal that had recently been home to Mia Hughes, theformer housekeeper. Papa was simultaneously running Del Toro Energy andutilizing his vast resources to identify the culprits that had takenAlejandro. Rodrigo was not about to let anyone get away with assaultingany member of his family. Gabriella could only hope that, when he caughtthe perpetrators, he wouldnrsquo;t do something that would land him in anAmerican prison.Which meant that Gabriella had no idea how long the del Toro family would be trapped in this house together.This was also why Joaquin was standing outside the bathroom as Gabriellatended her injury. If she had ever hoped of having the kind of freedomthat Alejandro had tasted for two years, those hopes were now dashed.Her father would not allow her to go unguarded. Not after nearly losinghis son.Still, she was in America instead of in Las Cruces, and that wassomething. True, she had not seen much of America beyond the smallprivate airport where the family jet had landed, or the dark night skythat had made it almost impossible to see this country where shesuspected her brother had been his happiest. No, shersquo;d mostly seen theRoyal Hospital and then, the inside of Alejandrorsquo;s house.Thus far, she was underwhelmed by America.She longed to do something besides tend to a frustratingly silentAlejandro or to defuse her fatherrsquo;s angry outbursts. As much as shenever thought she would say it, she missed Las Cruces. True, she had notbeen allowed to leave the estatersquo;s grounds, but within its securelypat


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