The first eye-catching installment at nolimmits lounge, a colourful food truck, attracts visitors even before they enter. Inside, the lounge space, with graffiti art on the walls, sings an ode to pop art- while the comfortable settees invite us to embrace them. nolimmits lounge bar extends as far as its walls, and the large french windows offer a glimpse of the exteriors. At the food truck, chefs diligently prepare experimental dishes ranging from a wide spectrum of international cuisines. Members of the restaurant have an edge of the hospitality here with an Speakeasy section decked with mood lightning and luxe decor.nolimmits lounge Electric Club is known for its electrifying concerts, glamorous ambience, and swanky decor. It has hosted some well-renowned international and home-grown artists. The club floors a long bar that extends along its walls, and there are only but a few settees, doned thematically in bright red and black complementing the decor, and most of the space is dedicated to the dance-floor. It is the perfect party place to kick back your hair, and shake a leg to groovy live music.


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