With over 300 islands in the archipelago, there is a plethora of scenery that you have to see to believe. Not only are the beaches in Fiji second to none when it comes to beauty, but there are also rainforests, caves, waterfalls, botanic gardens, sand dunes – and so much more. Enjoying local cuisine is a great way to experience the culture of Fiji, and of course to relish in the flavours of home-grown produce. There are an abundance of romantic dinner options available, from exclusive candlelit tables on the beach, to private island picnics. If you love watersports, Fiji is a haven. There are two stunning reefs, including the world’s fourth-largest barrier reef, the Great Astrolabe Reef; and the Great Sea Reef – where you can experience the world’s most amazing diving.Some places in Fiji offer you a true break from reality – with access only accessed by boat or plane – and even places accessible only by licensed operators, to ensure you are the only two people there (such as Matangi Island’s exclusive beach). Contact EHabla Travel Agents for your next luxury Fiji Holiday getaway.


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